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A while back a couple of characters from a novel-in-progress crept off the pages, demanding to have their own story told. Those two havoc wreaking souls did just that and come Christmas 2012 their first short story, “Jake and Chuck Blow Sh…tuff Up” warmed the hands of my family. This recently passed Christmas crept by without the second vignette making it off the dogearred notebook pages, titled “The Twelve Misfortunate Years of Jake and Chuck’s Christmases”. Other commitments and my well-honed ability to procrastinate got into the way.

I’ve never been a fan of making resolutions. We’ll blame that on that procrastination thing I’ve got down pat. But with the recent changes to Facebook, expressly that fan pages rarely make it into the newsfeeds, and that the one tried and proven way to promote my published stories and yet-to-be-released novels is most likely via my blog, I got to thinking. It surely wouldn’t hurt to start blogging on a more regular basis.

I have blogged for many years. Consistency is another thing altogether. I fight against the urge to post more personal, non-essential things that detracts from the thrust of the blog and then I get on tangents that further detract. So I guess this comes down to a resolution regardless of how I feel about those wicked things.


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Send in the clowns. Jake and Chuck to be specific. These two farcical characters are sure to have something to say. Hell, I haven’t been able to shut them up yet! So why not give them a stage to perform on? Let them entertain you with regular updates to their ongoing, crazy, oft devious and crafty misfortunes.

These will be rough. Possibly not well edited. But I’m okay with that. The things I turn into agents and publishers are anything but that, so I know they won’t be terribly put off by such blog entries when they’re holding the gold in their paws. Are you okay with that? I’m venturing to guess you will be once you are charmed with this dastardly duo. So tell me, are you in?



You can order your very own copy of the anthology, Second Avenue Second Hand, via me and receive a personally signed copy.

Complete the following form (I can’t set up my free WordPress page to accept payment, so you must supply a PayPal address for me to bill off below).

Don’t have a PayPal address? You can email me at kathie(dot)blot(at)gmail(dot)com to work out other options.

I will sign the first page and the page where my short story Put a Ring On It appears. If you would like, I can add a message and make it out to an individual too. Just put that information in below in the message section.

All books will be shipped to one address when ordering more than one. Alternatively, you can always complete more order forms if you wish to buy more than one yet have it shipped to another location.

Because this book was printed by a small publisher out of Canada, I pay retail prices  and must order my books from one of the retailers. I will put in my order for the books to be shipped to me for signing after receiving your orders (unless I happen to have some extras on hand), so please allot time for me to order and receive the shipment. Whenever possible, I try to cut costs by ordering in bulk, so if you need your signed copy right away, please indicate that in the section marked Special Instructions below. There may be an added rush fee, but I will contact you first to let you know before invoicing you through PayPal.

Please don’t send me money before I’ve emailed you back with your order confirmation. I find it makes things so much more difficult to track. Unless, of course, you’re rich and want to throw money around. And if that’s true, let’s do coffee, I’ve got a few storylines we can chat about.

So without further adieu, here’s your order form!



Get Your Copy Today!

It doesn’t matter what genre you prefer to read or even what your preferences are when coming to reading a short story, this anthology is amazing! Second Avenue Second Hand anthology by Lemon Twist Press features ten authors from all around the world that come together to tell a story that weaves around a quaint second hand shop in Bottle Bay. Each tale is unique, each author’s voice is very different, and the stories range from cheeky humor to dark horror. What makes this anthology shine is how the publisher/editor selected the individual stories to tell an overall story. You won’t want to put it down until you’ve reached the end and then, you’ll be wanting more!

Print and digital versions are available now. Here’s my link to Powell’s Books for Second Avenue Second Hand

My story, Put a Ring On It is one of the stories in this anthology, but don’t let that be the selling point in either direction. This truly is a unique anthology. I would love to hear your feedback when you do read my story and thank you in advance for taking the time and effort to leave feedback.

Back %# years ago, I spent my summers counseling at a camp in the Redwoods along the northern coast of California. One of the weeks during the summer was dedicated to a young crowd and the theme, Sherwood Forrest, meant that as counselors we needed a plucky character name. Mine was Sunshine, and not for a cheerful disposition, rather for the fact that my favorite color, yellow, matched the sun. Another counselor and my co-leader of a merry band of bed-wetting, eager faced, scared of the dark charges made a play on his name, Justin; Justin Time (as in just in time). Cute.

I’m reminded of Justin today when I announce that in less than 24 hours before my story is released in the anthology published by Lemon Twist Press, “Second Avenue Second Hand” and the one with the unchangeable domain name I lost in the between time, I have successfully reclaimed my domain! So on with the show! Get your digital copy tomorrow, October 3rd at  Apple, Smashwords, Kobo and B&N. Print copies will be available, more on that soon!

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So here’s a bit of advice for writers. Once you get a domain, hang onto it. You can map it to a new server but once it expires, reclaiming it is a nightmare. That said, I’m in purgatory waiting for eNom to release the site name. Worse, my old blogs have been hijacked so the unsuspecting visitor gets a finance scam blog. You have been warned; don’t let this be you!





I’m thrilled to announce that my story, Put A Ring on It, is being published in the anthology, Second Avenue Second Hand, on October 3, 2013.

Even more exciting: you have a chance to win a free copy between now and November 5, 2013. You can do that over at Goodreads. Don’t have an account there? No worries, it’s free! Now go on, get over there and enter to win. I’ll be here when you get back.


The Cowboy


Five hundred head lowing in the yard, seventeen days driving, bone weary, in need of a bath and a comfortable bed and where do I end up? A bar outside of Nashville, dust still in the seat of my pants and a Stetson hiding the smell of the range but not by much. Read the rest of this entry »