Kathie Leung


Welcome to the online home of Kathie Leung, author, proud mother of twin sons who play college lacrosse, firefighter’s wife, surrogate mother to a Bengal, Cairn, and a Pet Rock*.


Welcome, welcome, and hello! Thanks for stopping by my website. Here you’ll find my blog filled with all things to do with writing, links to my social media accounts such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook; and, of course, my stories in print, some are even for free!

Oh, and about the *pet rock comment above. She’s a heart breaker, a tiny terrier mix we rescued from a high kill shelter in southern California late ’14. The shelter estimated her to be five months old, however, our vet examined her teeth and put her at nine months at the time, in other words, full grown. She’s got much of the terrier traits, including stubbornness like her older step-brother, a true Cairn but unlike Max, we’ve come to learn she’s got brains the size of a walnut. During an outing, like clockwork, someone cooed over her. I laughed and said, yeah, she’s cute, but man she isĀ as dumb as a rock. A few weeks later my husband returned from the dog park, referring to her as Pet Rock. It stuck. Well isn’t that just special?