Second Avenue Second Hand


Available in eBook format and traditional paperback

Edited by Wendy Tyler Ryan

Welcome to Bottle Bay, a little town where anything can happen, especially should you choose to visit the old curiosity shop on the corner of Second and Main. Come on in, if you dare. Open the door, wipe your feet on the mat, and have a look around. The proprietor, Mr. Blank, is looking forward to meeting you. Be prepared for stories that hurtle you through space; send you back in time; or bring you true love or even a curse or two. So many possibilities – something for everyone!

Ten authors with short stories in horror, mystery, adventure, humor, and romance come together in this anthology published by Lemon Twist Press .

Put A Ring On It, by Kathie Leung appears in this anthology

Murder is […] the focus of Kathie Leung’s PUT A RING ON IT. Detective Felix Cranston is suspicious of a series of seemingly accidental deaths. An omniscient narrator and well crafted transitions guide the reader through a series of superstitious events that challenge both the reader and Bottle Bay’s detectives to question reality. In the course of his routine investigation, Cranston discovers the theft of an ornate ring from the finger a wealthy woman recently deceased. As the town huddles in fear of a serial killer amongst them, Cranston is able to link the `accidental deaths’ to a common factor: all had worn the stolen ring at some point prior to their deaths. To solve the case, Cranston and Lt Hoff must first convince themselves of the validity of the incredulous story surrounding the ring’s travels.–Donna Hole

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