English: The White House 2003 Christmas decora...

English: The White House 2003 Christmas decoration using the theme Three Billy Goats Gruff from a famous traditional fairy tale of Norwegian origin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hide behind my computer screen
Trolling people’s blogs.
I often stop and click the comment button
Espousing my own thoughts
Usually when those conflict with the author’s
Or the stupid opinions by others.

Do you have a blog? Some ask.
Of course not, I laugh.
I wouldn’t know how to react
If someone wrote what I write back.
Besides, my opinions don’t matter much,
You’ve already told me such.

It’s fun for me to get a rise from you.
Doubly so when others join the hullabaloo.
I’ll bet you spend hours fuming,
Writing up more articles to post.
I’m done within minutes and then poof,
It’s on to more entertaining stuff to do.

Top on my hit list are women’s rights,
Then gays and illegal immigrants.
I don’t play much with politics
Unless it’s an election year,
But the church stuff is become quite
A turn on of late, so I’m all over that.

Want me to go away? Then listen up.
Don’t bother addressing my comments,
Don’t offer me the chance to see what you say,
Don’t even let me leave a comment.
That’s all it takes to make me go away.
Well, at least until I find out more about trackbacks…

(c) 2013 by Kathie Leung
All Rights Reserved

Written on the fly, for fun and because I hate those trolls. 

  1. Donna Hole says:

    Too funny. Does this mean you’ll be hopping around the blogverse with us soon? Joining blog-hops? Rushing to the computer in the mornings to see who said what and when?




    • Kathie Leung says:

      Hell no.
      Hehehe. That was just me writing from a different POV after witnessing a rather nasty banter-fest on someone else’s blog. I’m so done with the atypical blogging.
      I know, I know. Famous last words, right?