(c) KLeung Photography 2013

Chico Rebels vs. Napa Force 2013 – Boy’s Varsity (cropped down from across the field)

 KLeung Photography 2013

CHS Junior Prom 2013

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that photography falls right in there with all things creative, that I enjoy photography and that I’m not that bad at it. I will readily admit that my skills aren’t nearly as good as my college aged sons, but they hold their own.

Point in case: I present you Zachary Leung Photography (you can find him on Facebook)

Zachary Leung Photography

Global Warming by Zachary Leung

And Ryan, who has his own website as he works on a degree in graphic design, which is found at http://ryanleung.virb.com/

Ryan Leung

Secret Bridge by Ryan Leung

Granted, I have a long way to go when it comes to lighting, learning how to adjust aperture, and what the eff an f-stop is; but when it comes to things like presentation and composition, I’m johnny-on-the-spot. So you can well imagine my horror when recently looking at some real estate in preparing and planning for my husband’s retirement. Here, I’ll show you what I’m talking about: (click on any picture below for a larger pop-up image)


Now I wonder how hard it would be to have cleaned up the spaces photographed. For example, the first photograph in the series should have removed all wall hangings, they’re distracting. In fact, all of the furnishings should have been removed or at least the laundry basket, items on the bed, and whatever is interfering with the full window. These pictures are hideous, devaluing the property at least from a visual stance. Do these realtors realize that most of the foot traffic comes by way of the Internet? Is it any wonder these homes have been on the market for well over a year in an area where most homes sell in under three months?

Which got me to thinking of offering to stage and photograph homes such as these for the realtors and offering up some classes targeted for the realtors who are consistently taking photographs like these.

Have you been house hunting recently? Where do you look? Online or open houses? Have you see pictures like these when looking and if so, do you feel these types of photos have kept you from considering a further look or do you manage to look past them?

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