You can order your very own copy of the anthology, Second Avenue Second Hand, via me and receive a personally signed copy.

Complete the following form (I can’t set up my free WordPress page to accept payment, so you must supply a PayPal address for me to bill off below).

Don’t have a PayPal address? You can email me at kathie(dot)blot(at)gmail(dot)com to work out other options.

I will sign the first page and the page where my short story Put a Ring On It appears. If you would like, I can add a message and make it out to an individual too. Just put that information in below in the message section.

All books will be shipped to one address when ordering more than one. Alternatively, you can always complete more order forms if you wish to buy more than one yet have it shipped to another location.

Because this book was printed by a small publisher out of Canada, I pay retail prices  and must order my books from one of the retailers. I will put in my order for the books to be shipped to me for signing after receiving your orders (unless I happen to have some extras on hand), so please allot time for me to order and receive the shipment. Whenever possible, I try to cut costs by ordering in bulk, so if you need your signed copy right away, please indicate that in the section marked Special Instructions below. There may be an added rush fee, but I will contact you first to let you know before invoicing you through PayPal.

Please don’t send me money before I’ve emailed you back with your order confirmation. I find it makes things so much more difficult to track. Unless, of course, you’re rich and want to throw money around. And if that’s true, let’s do coffee, I’ve got a few storylines we can chat about.

So without further ado, here’s your order form!

Due to the blatant misuse of this service by trolls and scammers, if you are interested in having a signed book, please contact me at the aforementioned address.

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