Jester (Photo credit: mrpolyonymous)

A while back a couple of characters from a novel-in-progress crept off the pages, demanding to have their own story told. Those two havoc wreaking souls did just that and come Christmas 2012 their first short story, “Jake and Chuck Blow Sh…tuff Up” warmed the hands of my family. This recently passed Christmas crept by without the second vignette making it off the dogearred notebook pages, titled “The Twelve Misfortunate Years of Jake and Chuck’s Christmases”. Other commitments and my well-honed ability to procrastinate got into the way.

I’ve never been a fan of making resolutions. We’ll blame that on that procrastination thing I’ve got down pat. But with the recent changes to Facebook, expressly that fan pages rarely make it into the newsfeeds, and that the one tried and proven way to promote my published stories and yet-to-be-released novels is most likely via my blog, I got to thinking. It surely wouldn’t hurt to start blogging on a more regular basis.

I have blogged for many years. Consistency is another thing altogether. I fight against the urge to post more personal, non-essential things that detracts from the thrust of the blog and then I get on tangents that further detract. So I guess this comes down to a resolution regardless of how I feel about those wicked things.


Clowns (Photo credit: John Ryan Brubaker)

Send in the clowns. Jake and Chuck to be specific. These two farcical characters are sure to have something to say. Hell, I haven’t been able to shut them up yet! So why not give them a stage to perform on? Let them entertain you with regular updates to their ongoing, crazy, oft devious and crafty misfortunes.

These will be rough. Possibly not well edited. But I’m okay with that. The things I turn into agents and publishers are anything but that, so I know they won’t be terribly put off by such blog entries when they’re holding the gold in their paws. Are you okay with that? I’m venturing to guess you will be once you are charmed with this dastardly duo. So tell me, are you in?

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