Jake and Chuck

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Winslow California

Winslow, CA

So who is this calamitous duo, Jake and Chuck? They are cops in Winslow, California (a fictitious town, see map on left) in northern California. Jake is the younger of the two, early thirties (fresh out of the Butte College academy when they were first paired), a self-proclaimed bachelor-for-life while Chuck, fast approaching retirement, is a bit odd, happily married to Marilyn, and more often than naught the catalyst for their misadventures.

Interview with Jake:

KL: So, Jake, tell us about the first time you met Chuck.

Jake: Oh man. (laughs) I honestly thought this dude had sat firmly on top of one of our famous Sequoias. That first day he was tense, barked at me for every stupid little thing, and at the end of the day, walked off without even saying good bye or see you tomorrow. (Shakes his head, laughs again.) Boy did I have it all wrong.

KL: When did you first discover that you had him pegged wrong?

An Interview with Jake

Jake:Jake: It had to be about a month after we’d been working together. His car had broken down, or maybe Marilyn, his wife, needed it. They only have but the one vehicle. I don’t think she was working at the time, but whatever. So anyway, I get a call around o’ dark-thirty you know? Long before I was even thinking about getting up–I’m the kind of guy that showers at the end of the day so that all I have to do is roll out of bed, run a toothbrush across my teeth, a comb through my hair, grab the coffee set up the night before, and hustle out the door. If I’m lucky I might even remember to dress (laughs), so I was dead to the world. He says, ‘Hey, rook, help a guy out?’ Rook? I said. Would you call your country a cun… (blushes) Sorry. You get my drift, right?

KL: Ah, yes.

Jake: Short of it is, he asked if I could pick him up. Turns out he lives way the hell out of town, so it’s probably a good thing he called me that early even though I wasn’t feeling it at the time. Nice place, too. I guess that’s what broke the shell, me seeing a bit of his personal life.

KL: How is he different than what he projected the first time?

Jake: He’s a bit on the oafish side, a goofball I guess, not firing on all cylinders. He gets these crazy ideas, usually to impress his wife, Marilyn, but damn, he never thinks it all the way through and that’s where I come in. At the last hour, I have to help him right everything he’s turned upside down. (Smiles) Don’t get me wrong. He’s a very passionate, committed man. Someone I look up to even if I’m usually having to help get him unstuck. I guess you could say, I’m the right side of his left brain.

KL: What is the single-most memory you have of Chuck?

Jake: Gee, that kind of sounds like he’s six-feet under. I guess I’d have to say it was the time we went to a Weapons of Mass Destruction training class put on by Homeland Security. That was a shi– Sorry, it was a ton of fun. We got to go out into the middle of the desert and blow stuff up. Fun, fun times.

KL: What do you think Chuck will say when I ask him the same question?

Jake: I’m guessing it will be the exact same story, though his version’ll probably be a bit different. (Drags his hand down over his face.) Then again, it could be the Bachelor Weekend. I was supposed to be headed off for my annual weekend with the guys–Chuck never goes and essentially isn’t welcome seeing that all he can talk about is his wife, whom he can’t stand not to be with for more than a day. He ended up coming along only after I had to bail him out of another mess he’d gotten himself into. Who in their right mind would try to dig a love canal when there’s a good couple feet of snow on the ground? I’ll tell you who, Chuck. Those are the days when I scratch my head and ask, what the fu– Damn, sorry.

KL: It’s all good. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, Jake.

Next up, we’ll have an interview conducted during a ride-along with Chuck.

What questions do you have for the men?

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