readGillian Flynn’s Gone Girl became an obsession for me. I don’t even remember how I happened on the book, but I do remember that it’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to pick up a book and just read. That little red pen in my brain doesn’t meander out and interfere when I’m reading a Flynn novel. I hope she’s writing more as I’ve devoured Dark Places and am presently relishing Sharp Objects.

Karin Slaughter is another author I really enjoy reading. Her latest, Cop Town, brought together two very different characters and dropped them into the heart of Atlanta smack in the middle of the 70s. Wild ride yet one that I reverted to my authorly-brain while reading. Not a bad thing; it’s only because I’ve been exploring this type of writing.

Sorry, were you looking for reviews? I don’t do those anymore. I’ll recommend a book, but my opinion is mine alone. I personally don’t critique published works because I feel that’s a very personal engagement between the author and the reader and one that varies widely just like the audience varies. Besides, I really sucked at writing book reports back in grade school.

My last obsession is Orphan Black, a two series old show on the American BBC. No poking holes here (please, I’m serious, I really am enjoying watching the show and having holes pointed out to me when I’m unable to find them myself will just ruin it for me). I absolutely love the main actor, Tatiana Maslany, who is incredibly talented with her ability to portray, on a routine basis, many different characters–so much so that I often find myself forgetting it’s justĀ one person playing all these roles! That and the premise is so incredibly in-line with a NaNo project I wrote years ago and shelved to reincarnate an even older project.

The Many Faces of Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany as (l-r) Rachel Duncan, Alison Hendrix, Sarah Manning, Cosima Niehaus, Helena Missing: Beth Childs, Tony Sawicki, Katja Obinger, Janika Zingler, Aryanna Giordano, Danielle Fournier, Jennifer Fitzsimmons

My husband asked if, as a writer, I find it difficult to enjoy reading, movies, and television shows. I hadn’t thought about it before, but yes, I suppose that’s true. It’s not on purpose, I just find myself poking holes into the book/show/movie enough to make it unenjoyable. Bosch? I had to leave the room so I didn’t ruin it for him as Connelly is one of his favorite authors. Scorpion? Poke my eyes out. Criminal Minds? I suppose that one comes from researching the FBI for my writing and helping one of my sons with his eighth grade project years ago on profiling. The analyst he communicated with laughed at any similarities between the show and their actual job, saying that (a) they don’t ever refer to the subject as an unsub except maybe in reports, (b) there is no job of profiler, per se, (c) they don’t have a private jet at their disposal, they fly commercial and even then it’s only after they’ve walked through the bazillion hoops put into place to prevent misappropriated expenditures, and (d) probably the most fallible which occurs in almost all writing/movie/television production, the rapidity of DNA testing results. Y’all do understand that getting DNA results back within two months is a rush job, right? Hear me Law and Order writers?

I have to be careful with what I obsess about. I find that it does interfere with completing tasks specific to writing. I have a few writers that I talk with every now and again since the disbanding of the group I started years back. One particular individual is fairly engaged within the writing community at whole and recently came to me asking for more ideas on how to tap even deeper into that arena. Honestly? I can’t do that to myself. It’s paralytic. I write because I have to. Every time I get mired in the politics and semantics of the publishing industry, the whole indie vs. big house, agents vs. self-pubbing, out stumbles my dear friend, Mr. Block. Drunken ass.

Robin Williams Obsessions

What are your obsessions, eh? -in memory of Robin Williams whose absence still brings me to the verge of tears

So I’m curious now. What are your obsessions? Do you think they’re healthy, helpful, or debilitating, stagnating?

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